Wilson Sukorski 2008


Based on the Pythagore's monochord (486 BC), the sound installation SuperStrings by Wilson Sukorski, intent to demonstrate artistically and with interativity : the relationship between the acoustics and the musical language - numericál proportions, scales, harmonic series - and the mathematical principles - series, proportions, fractions. The installation SuperStrings is the representation that the algebra borns from the observation of the musical fact, and at same time, that the music is in itself just temporal mathematics. That's the incridible symbiosis of Nature.

The Installation

Composed by 11 strings in steel high resistence, fixed at both ends by special pourpose suports, with tunning mechanism, electro acoustic pick up and actuator device (like a super ebow) and pre amps.


The strings are divided into 2 groups :

8 strings from 8 to 13 meters – called System A

3 strings from 13 to 21 meters – called System B

The system A is tunning with the odd harmonic series partials based on note E (The Earth's note among the Pythagoreans). The System B is tunning by the even harmonics based on the note A (the Sun by the pythagoreans).


System A (8 strings) System B (3 Strings)
1ª string – E (fundamental / Earth) 1ª string– A (fundamental / Sun)
2ª string– B (3º harmonic) 2ª string– A (2º harmonic)
3ª string– G# (5º harmonic) 3ª string– E (3º harmonic)
4ª string– D (7º harmonic)  
5ª string– F# (9º harmonic)  
6ª string - Bb (11º harmonic)  
7ª string– C# (13º harmonic)  
8ª string - Eb (15º harmonic)  



First study design for the SuperString (April 07)